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The Friday Surgery

Overuse of NHS services by patients is frequently held up as the reason for the inability of GPs and A&Es to cope. It has prompted a new Friday Surgery blog. This Friday Surgery has a locum contributor who is an anaesthetics junior doctor. His name is Tar and he has serious concerns about the dangers of potential misrepresentation of this …

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Tell the Lords the NHS must be returned to public service


Make your voice heard before the Lords Committee publishes its conclusions. This is urgent and important. There is now serious discussion, yet again, of creating a Royal (or other) commission with cross-party support. You can read why we are opposed to any such move here. The last 30 years of incremental changes to the NHS shows that there already is a …

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The NHS needs an urgent prescription to save lives says Dr Alex Ashman, co-leader of the National Health Action Party


National Health Action Party press release 8 January 2017 Dr Alex Ashman, newly elected co-leader of the NHA, statement on the Red Cross’ humanitarian intervention “There are calls for funding for the NHS from every direction right now, as a result of the Red Cross interventions and the deaths in Worcestershire. But they are met with questions as to how …

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