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To join by post, please fill out an Membership Application, include your payment details or a cheque, and send it to:

National Health Action, PO Box 802, Rotherham S60 9LU

Online banking

If you're joining us through online banking, please set up a Standing Order. The current rates are listed on our Membership Application. Please make sure you email membership@nhaparty.org with your details and the details of the payment.

Payee: Action for the Nation's Health
Bank: Co-operative Bank
Sort Code: 08 92 99
Account Number: 65581771


"You should demand an NHS, you should expect an NHS, and you should fight for an NHS." - Rufus Hound, comedian and NHA candidate.

"Nothing will incline me to vote Lib Dem again, so I shall vote for the National Health Action Party." - Philip Pullman, author.

"Vote NHA to save the NHS. Because you can't trust any of the others with it." - Armando Iannucci, writer/director.

"The most sensible, sustainable, evidence-based NHS policy is from the National Health Action Party" - Dr Phil Hammond, Private Eye's 'M.D.'

"I love the NHS and that's why I'm voting for the NHA Party" - Peter Serafinowicz, actor.

"Send a message to the government: Stop selling off *our* NHS!" - Mark Haddon, author and NHA supporter.

"I love these people. Absolutely selfless. Why aren't they in charge?" - Mark McGowan, the 'Artist Taxi Driver'.