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Dr Clive Peedell quoted in the Western Gazette on junior doctors’ strike

http://www.westerngazette.co.uk/Operations-cancelled-Yeovil-District-Hospital/story-28701421-detail/story.htm By Western Gazette - Yeovil  |  Posted: February 09, 2016 On Wednesday, 10 February at 8am junior doctors are due to strike over contract disputes concerning Jeremy Hunt's desire for a 24/7 NHS. The strike by members of the British Medical Association (BMA) is due to last exactly 24 hours up until Thursday, 11 February at 8am. As things …

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Dr Clive Peedell quoted in the Northern Echo on Junior Doctors’ strike

http://www.thenorthernecho.co.uk/news/14259794.Picket_lines_to_return_to_region_s_hospitals_as_BMA_accuses_Jeremy_Hunt_of__quot_shambolic_mishandling_quot__of_junior_doctors_dispute/ WITH picket lines expected outside the region's major hospitals this week, a leading North-east consultant has called on the Health Secretary to rethink his approach to the junior doctors dispute. Middlesbrough consultant and National Health Action Party member Dr Clive Peedell said he fears NHS staff shortages if the Government presses ahead with the controversial new contract. Dr Peedell …

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‘Slack attitudes’ and ‘bed blocking’? Lord Carter of Coles is avoiding the NHS’ real and very urgent issues.

Nowhere in Lord Carter of Coles’ report ‘Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute hospitals: unwarranted variations’ does he mention the minimum £4.5bn a year lost on market transactions which add nothing to patient care, according to independent and parliamentary reports into the NHS since 2010 Nor does he refer to the staggering sums spent on management consultants running …

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The NHS is suffering from under investment and wasteful commercialisation (Guardian letters)

http://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/feb/01/this-is-the-nhs-inspiration-heartbreak-and-cold-hard-cash The government know that the key to their devious and subversive plot to privatise the NHS has to be to soften up the public to the idea. This started years ago, even before Andrew Lansley blocked the release of a report praising the service, and continues with the almost daily denigration of the quality of care. Much of the …

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Richard Branson has just been awarded a £126million contract to take over services at hospitals in Kent.

Richard Branson has just been awarded a £126million contract to take over services at hospitals in Kent. Virgin Care, which beat Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust to the lucrative deal, will be able to run health services in the hospitals for the next seven years. At the end of this period, Virgin will have the opportunity to extend the …

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‘Nurses will vote with their feet’, says Dr Clive Peedell

Dr Clive Peedell, leader of the National Health Action Party said, "The news that 9/10 NHS Trusts are struggling to recruit nurses comes as no surprise. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35150014 Chronic underfunding of the NHS with £20bn of "efficiency savings" over the last five years has created major staffing problems. Lack of staffing puts patients at risk as clearly demonstrated by the Francis …

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Check the label on a pack of cigarettes and you’ll see the link between some cancers and environmental factors is well established

The story that additional research shows cancer is not just ‘down to bad luck’ but to environmental factors is a welcome addition to the evidence for public health, cancer prevention and research strategies, but is not new. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-35111449 There is a strong correlation between exposure to UV radiation and certain skin cancers. The study quotes known links such as tobacco …

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“The public deserve to know the full extent of the clinical consequences of the NHS financial crisis”, says Dr Clive Peedell

The National Audit Office's report into NHS finances confirms what the National Health Action Party has been repeatedly saying for the last few years. The finances of the NHS are in dire straits. This is because of chronic underfunding with average annual real terms increases in NHS spending of approximately 1% over the last 6 years, when health inflation traditionally …

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