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NHA supports JR4NHS

Stephen Hawking, Allyson Pollock and colleagues have launched a legal challenge to stop Jeremy Hunt and NHS England from proceeding with plans to turn local NHS bodies into Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs). Here are some facts about ACOs:

  1. ACOs will be given the money for your care as an insurance premium, and will pay out only for certain treatments - like an insurance company.
  2. ACOs will in many cases be handed over to actual insurance companies and other private firms.
  3. ACOs will be able to decide what care is free and what they can charge patients for.
  4. ACOs will be paid more if they 'save' money (i.e. spend less money on front-line services).
  5. ACOs will be subject to commercial rules and will hide behind the veil of 'corporate confidentiality'.
  6. ACOs are not recognised in any Act of Parliament and as such have no legal basis.

The NHA Party supports the 'JR4NHS' legal action, which you can support here:

Support the JR4NHS legal campaign here


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