Please see this important letter from our friends at the Keep Our NHS Public campaign (KONP) about opposing NHS regulations that break promises on privatisation.

Also note there is a lobby of Parliament on Tuesday March 26th at 12noon.

We wholeheartedly support what KONP are doing to ensure new NHS regulations are withdrawn.

 Thank you


Dear NHS supporters,

I am writing to let you know that legal advice (funded by 38 Degrees) has just been published which makes very clear that the government has NOT listened to the concerns expressed by many of us, about the broken promises and privatising effect of ‘Section 75 regulations’.

Please write urgently to your MP, asking them urgently to sign the new Early Day Motion (EDM) 1188 http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/1188 to overturn these regulations.  I enclose two letters that you could use (depending on whether your MP signed the now invalid EDM 1104, or not – see http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/1104.

Please also write to Lib Dem and cross-bencher peers raising these concerns and asking them to oppose these regulations in the Lords (a list of email addresses is at the end of this letter and I have attached a template letter).

Based on 38 Degrees legal advice, it is Keep Our NHS Public’s view that we should demand Norman Lamb scraps the new regulations and go back to the drawing board until they can meet the promises that were made to the public, parliament and Clinical Commissioning Groups.  

KONP does not consider that the idea of more ‘guidance’ will do anything significant to protect the NHS from privatisation.   ‘Guidance’ can be re-written any time the government feels like it, without any chance of parliamentary oversight.  

The legal advice says: "There does not appear to me to be anything substantial in the new Regulations which responds to these very real concerns. The assurances given by Ministers in Parliament about the freedoms that commissioners would have to commission services in the way they consider best for their local populations...do not appear to be honoured by these new Regulations just as they were not honoured by the old Regulations...[if] the contract is capable of being delivered by more than one provider, the CCG must hold a competition even if it is not in the interests of patients to do so...the introduction of wording about integration and co-operation between providers does not amount to any substantial change to the effect of the Regulations." (The full advice is available here https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/pages/38_degrees_legal_briefings_on_si_2013_500).

Finally, if you are in London on 26th March, please join the 12noon lobby of parliament called by Save Lewisham Hospitals and other campaign groups - details here http://www.savelewishamhospital.com/lobby-of-parliament-26-march-stop-nhs-privatisation/

Thank you for all you are doing to help protect the NHS from privatisation.  There is not much time left to stop the government pulling the wool over people’s eyes – please act today and forward this email widely to your contacts.


Caroline Molloy, KONP

Please download the following:

s75 letter to MPs who signed first EDM

s75 letter to MPs who didn't sign first EDM

Email addresses of Liberal Democrat peers: Lord Jacobs Jacobs <alordant@aol.com>, Lord Maclennan Maclennan <maclennanr@parliament.uk>, Baroness Bonham Carter Carter <bonhamcarterj@parliament.uk>, Lord Lee Lee <leej@parliament.uk>, Lord Shipley Shipley <shipleyj@parliament.uk>, Baroness Sharp Sharp <sharpm@parliament.uk>, Lord McNally McNally <mcnallyt@parliament.uk>, Baroness Scott Scott <scottrc@parliament.uk>, Lord Rennard Rennard <rennardc@parliament.uk>, Lord Addington Addington <addingtond@parliament.uk>, Lord Dholakia Dholakia <dholakian@parliament.uk>, Lord Macdonald Macdonald <MacDonaldAJ@parliament.uk>, Lord Chidgey Chidgey <chidgeyd@parliament.uk>, Lord Oakeshott Oakeshott <oakeshottm@parliament.uk>, Lord Loomba Loomba <loombar@parliament.uk>, Lord Newby Newby <newbyr@parliament.uk>, Lord Greaves Greaves <greavesa@parliament.uk>, Lord Tyler Tyler <tylerp@parliament.uk>, Baroness Northover Northover <northoverl@parliament.uk>, Baroness Barker Barker <barkere@parliament.uk>, Lord Kirkwood Kirkwood <KIRKWOODA@parliament.uk>, Lord Goodhart Goodhart <goodhartw@parliament.uk>, David Steel Steel <STEELD@parliament.uk>, Baroness Kramer Kramer <kramers@parliament.uk>, Lord Tordoff Tordoff <tordoffg@parliament.uk>, Baroness Harris Harris <harrisa@parliament.uk>, Baroness Falkner Falkner <falknerk@parliament.uk>, Lord Jones of Cheltenham of Cheltenham <jonesn@parliament.uk>, Baroness Parminter Parminter <parminterk@parliament.uk>, Lord Ezra Ezra <ezrad@parliament.uk>, Baroness Miller Miller <millers@parliament.uk>, Baroness Tonge Tonge <tongej@parliament.uk>, Baroness Benjamin Benjamin <benjaminf@parliament.uk>, Lord Thomas Thomas <thomasm@parliament.uk>, Lord Carlile <carlilea@parliament.uk>, Lord German German <germanm@parliament.uk>, Baroness Thomas of Winchester of Winchester <thomascm@parliament.uk>, Baroness Randerson Randerson <randersonj@parliament.uk>, Lord Lester Lester <lestera@parliament.uk>, Baroness Thomas of Wallisford of Wallisford <thomass@parliament.uk>, Baroness Brinton Brinton <brintons@parliament.uk>, Lord Smith Smith <smitht@parliament.uk>, Baron Willis Willis <willisg@parliament.uk>, Baroness Garden of Frognal of Frognal <gardens@parliament.uk>, Lord Methuen Methuen <methuenr@parliament.uk>, Lord Allan of Hallam of Hallam <allanr@parliament.uk>, Lord Marks Marks <marksj@parliament.uk>, Lord Paddy Ashdown Ashdown <ashdownp@parliament.uk>, Lord Cotter Cotter <cotterb@parliament.uk>, Lord Alderdice Alderdice <alderdicej@parliament.uk>, Lord Stephen Stephen <stephenn@parliament.uk>, Baroness Hamwee Hamwee <hamwees@parliament.uk>, Lord Roper Roper <Roperj@parliament.uk>, Lord Wallace of Saltaire of Saltaire <wallacej@parliament.uk>, Lord Tope Tope <topeg@parliament.uk>, Baroness Nicholson Nicholson <NicholsonE@parliament.uk>, Baroness Walmsley Walmsley <walmsleyj@parliament.uk>, Lord Razzal Razzal <RAZZALLET@parliament.uk>, Lord Clement-Jones Clement-Jones <clementjonest@parliament.uk>, Baroness Linklater Linklater <linklaterv@parliament.uk>, Baroness Maddock Maddock <maddockd@parliament.uk>, Lord Burnett Burnett <burnettj@parliament.uk>, Lord Shutt Shutt <shuttd@parliament.uk>, Lord Palmer Palmer <palmerm@parliament.uk>, Lord Wallace of Tummel of Tummel <wallacew@parliament.uk>, Lord Redesdale Redesdale <REDESDALER@parliament.uk>, Baroness Hussein-Ede Hussein-Ede <ecem@parliament.uk>, Lord Roberts Roberts <robertsr@parliament.uk>


Cross benchers:

 Earl of Sandwich Sandwich <sandwichj@parliament.uk>, Lord Birt Birt <birtj@parliament.uk>, Lord Kakkar Kakkar <kakkara@parliament.uk>, Baroness Warnock Warnock <warnockh@parliament.uk>, Lord Hennessy of Nympsfield of Nympsfield <hennessyp@parliament.uk>, Lord Hoffman Hoffman <hoffmannl@parliament.uk>, Lord Greenway Greenway <greenwaya@parliament.uk>, Lord Tanlaw Tanlaw <tanlaws@parliament.uk>, Lord Janvrin Janvrin <janvrinr@parliament.uk>, Lord Palmer Palmer <palmerad@parliament.uk>, Lord Hylton Hylton <hyltonr@parliament.uk>, Lord Bishard Bishard <m.bichard@btinternet.com>, Lord Tombs Tombs <tombsf@parliament.uk>, Lord Butler of Brockwell of Brockwell <butlerf@parliament.uk>, Lord Dear Dear <deargj@parliament.uk>, Lord Ouseley Ouseley <ouseleyh@parliament.uk>, Baroness Finlay of Llandaff of Llandaff <finlayi@parliament.uk>, Baroness Howe of Idlicote of Idlicote <howee@parliament.uk>, Lord Walker of Aldringham of Aldringham <walkermjd@parliament.uk>, Lord Ramsbotham Ramsbotham <ramsbothamd@parliament.uk>, Lord Harries of Pentregarth of Pentregarth <harriesr@parliament.uk>, Baroness Grey-Thompson Grey-Thompson <greythompsont@parliament.uk>, Baroness Neuberger Neuberger <neubergerj@parliament.uk>, Lord Freyberg Freyberg <freybergv@parliament.uk>, Baroness Coussins Coussins <coussinsj@parliament.uk>, Lord Hall of Birkenhead of Birkenhead <halla@parliament.uk>, Lord Cameron of Dillington <camerone@parliament.uk>, Baroness O'loan O'loan <oloann@parliament.uk>, Baroness Campbell of Surbiton of Surbiton <campbelljs@parliament.uk>, Baroness Howarth of Bre ckland <howarthv@parliament.uk>, Baroness Butler-Sloss Butler-Sloss <butlerslosse@parliament.uk>, Baroness Afsar Afsar <afsharh@parliament.uk>, Baroness Fritchie Fritchie <fritchiei@parliament.uk>, Lord Burns Burns <burnst@parliament.uk>, Lord Alton of Liverpool of Liverpool <altond@parliament.uk>, Baroness Young of Hornsey of Hornsey <younglo@parliament.uk>, Lord Armstrong of Ilminster of Ilminster <armstrongr@parliament.uk>, Lord Patten Patten <pattenc@parliament.uk>, Lord Hameed Hameed <hameed@parliament.uk>, Lord Carswell Carswell <carswellr@parliament.uk>, Lord Skidelsky Skidelsky <skidelskyr@parliament.uk>, Lord Dannatt Dannatt <dannattr@parliament.uk>, Countess of Mar Mar <marm@parliament.uk>, Lord Best Best <best@parliament.uk>, Baroness Greenfield Greenfield <greenfieldsu@parliament.uk>, Lord Craig of Radley of Radley <craigd@parliament.uk>, Earl of Stair Stair <dalrymplej@parliament.uk>, Lord Jay of Ewelme of Ewelme <jaymr@parliament.uk>, Lord Northbourne Northbourne <northbournec@parliament.uk>, Lord Jay of Ewelme <jaymh@parliament.uk>, Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead of Birkenhead <nichollsd@parliament.uk>, Lord Stirrup Stirrup <stirrupg@parliament.uk>, Lord Oxburgh Oxburgh <oxburghe@parliament.uk>, The Earl of Clancarty of Clancarty <clancartyn@parliament.uk>, Earl of Listowel Listowel <listowelf@parliament.uk>, Lord Williamson of Horton of Horton <williamsond@parliament.uk>, Lord Woolf Woolf <stevensonmm@parliament.uk>, Baroness Greengross Greengross <greengrosss@parliament.uk>, Lord Elis-Thomas Elis-Thomas <elisthomasd@parliament.uk>, Lord Martin of Springburn of Springburn <martinm@parliament.uk>, Earl of Erroll Erroll <errollm@parliament.uk>, Baroness Prashar Prashar <prasharu@parliament.uk>, Lord Low of Dalston of Dalston <lowc@parliament.uk>, Lord Molyneaux of Killead of Killead <mckeem@parliament.uk>, Baroness Richardson of Calow of Calow <richardsonk@parliament.uk>, Lord Bilimria Bilimria <bilimoria@parliament.uk>, Baroness Deech Deech <deechr@parliament.uk>, Lord Inge Inge <ingep@parliament.uk>, Lord Sutherland of Houndwood of Houndwood <sutherlands@parliament.uk>, Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick of Scarisbrick <hastingsm@parliament.uk>, Lord Wilson of Dinton of Dinton <wilsondc@parliament.uk>, LORD ADEBOWALE ADEBOWALE <adebowalev@parliament.uk>, Lord Walpole Walpole <walpolerh@parliament.uk>



Bishop of Ripon and Leeds and Leeds <bishop.riponleeds@virgin.net>, Bishop of Wakefield Wakefield <bishop@bishopofwakefield.org.uk>, Bishop of Birmingham Birmingham <bishop@birmingham.anglican.org>, Bishop of Derby Derby <redferna@parliament.uk>, Bishop of Blackburn Blackburn <bishop@bishopofblackburn.org.uk>, Bishop of London London <bishop@londin.clara.co.uk>, Bishop of Bath &Wells Bath &Wells <pricep@parliament.uk>, Bishop of Gloucester Gloucester <bshpglos@glosdioc.org.uk>, Archbishop of York York <office@bishopthorpepalace.co.uk>, Bishop of Liverpool Liverpool <bishopslodge@liverpool.anglican.org>, Bishop of Exeter Exeter <langrish@parliament.uk>, Bishop of Newcastle Newcastle <bishop@newcastle.anglican.org>, Bishop of Hereford Hereford <bishop@hereford.anglican.org>, Bishop of Manchester Manchester <bishop@bishopscourt.manchester.anglican.org>, Archbishop of Canterbury Canterbury <publicaffairs@lambethpalace.org.uk>, Bishop of Leicester Leicester <bptim@leicester.anglican.org>, Bishop of Chester Chester <dco@chester.anglican.org>, Bishop of Bristol Bristol <hillm@parliament.uk>, Bishop of Chichester Chichester <bishchichester@diochi.org.uk>, Bishop of Norwich Norwich <bishop@bishopofnorwich.org>

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