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Prioritise Mental Health

Listen to Carl Walker, executive member of the NHA, talk on the psychology of austerity - the mental health consequences of living in a culture of austeriy, and the psychology behind the atmosphere of cuts. We talk to Dr Carl Walker of Psychologists against Austerity.

  • the mental health funding plan needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency
  • increase staffing levels and an increase in training places for mental healthcare professionals
  • end to the privatisation of mental health service provision and its return to the public sector under the NHS

For too long mental health services have been at the bottom of the healthcare agenda.

  • Despite all the Coalition’s promises for ‘parity of esteem’ for people with mental health problems, there is clear evidence that mental health services have suffered the most significant cuts.
  • Bed numbers and staffing levels have been slashed and vulnerable patients are being sent hundreds of miles away from home for treatment.
  • The planned introduction of Personal Health Budgets threatens – under the misleading mantra of ‘choice’ – to further fragment and destabilise services even further. This will leave growing numbers of mental health service users without access to the care they need.
  • Only the NHS can deliver a comprehensive service integrating in-patient care where necessary with community-based services and support for mental health in primary care.



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