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Using the tragic death of a baby to attack the NHS

Both the BBC and the Daily Telegraph blatantly revealed their true colours today with sickening headlines surrounding the very sad death of a baby from a contaminated drip.

As has been reported, the liquid food given to a number of premature babies in neonatal units around the country was contaminated with bacteria and has tragically led to the death of one baby and left another 17 babies seriously ill. The food was manufactured and supplied by a private pharmaceutical company.

Yet the Telegraph decided to use this distressing story as an excuse to attack the NHS, with its front page blasting out this morning: “15 babies poisoned by NHS drips”.

And this afternoon the BBC website declared: “Three new baby NHS poisoning cases”.

After a storm of protest on twitter, both organisations changed their headlines.

Our co-leader, Dr Clive Peedell, is making formal complaints to both the Press Complaints Commission and the BBC.

Meanwhile medical student and blogger George Gillett has written an article which looks at how the Telegraph’s attempt to make political capital out of the death of a baby is yet another unfounded attack on the NHS: http://www.leftfootforward.org/2014/06/yet-another-unfounded-attack-on-the-nhs-by-the-right-wing-press/

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