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Punishing doctors for human error and systems failures will harm patient safety


Doctors are expected to be perfect; to never make mistakes. If we're honest we all know that's impossible. With the best intentions, some errors will always occur. Doctors do their best to reflect upon their errors and learn from them. But when multiple errors coincide - systemic failings, equipment problems, staff shortages, human errors - then in this perfect storm …

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JR4NHS need your help to stop the ACOs!


We've had some great news regarding the legal challenge against ACOs. JR4NHS have secured the concession from NHS England that there must be a national public consultation on ACOs, and no ACO contract will be signed until the consultation has taken place. This is great news as ACO plans are essentially a way of turning local NHS boards into insurance …

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Government are misusing statistics to play down the winter crisis


Following a series of misleading statements in public fora, it appears that Theresa May's government are misusing official statistics in order to play down the NHS winter crisis. This includes: Theresa May comparing the NHS in England and in Wales by using incompatible statistics which favoured England, when in fact Wales had the more favourable results. Health Minister Philip Dunne …

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