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The Friday Surgery


The latest revelations to come out of the Gosport scandal are truly shocking. There should be a public inquiry into the events, not just so there is justice for the families affected  but so that the NHS can learn from what happened as it is still relevant today. It is unfortunately the case that the NHS had, and still does …

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NHAP Thanks the Nations Carers and Commits to Reforms


Following the publication of the annual Carer’s Survey, commissioned by Carer’s UK and gaining over six thousand responses, the NHAP wishes to place on record its appreciation of the work that carers (both paid and unpaid) do for the country. According to the survey, there are an estimated 6½ million carers (14% of the UK electorate as of June 2017), …

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The Claim Of A Brexit Dividend Is Nonsense, writes NHA’s Louise Irvine


By NHA Party Secretary Dr Louise Irvine, as published in Huffpost's 'The Blog'. The Prime Minister’s claim that the NHS can expect a year-by-year increase in funding of 3.4% paid for – in part – by a Brexit dividend, is rightly deserving of ridicule. But, I can’t help but feel that it has also been successful in drawing attention away …

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