Naveen Judah



The NHA Party supports Naveen Judah
for Sheffield City Region Mayor on 3rd May 2018


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Britain doesn’t need another establishment party


By Alex Ashman, NHA Party co-leader This week, millionaire Simon Franks has claimed that the current polarisation of UK politics indicates the need for a new centrist party to occupy the middle ground between left and right. He has raised £50m to create one and, despite some claims to the contrary, is surely busy trying to recruit support from disgruntled …

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Support Naveen Judah for Sheffield City Region Mayor!


NHA Party treasurer Naveen Judah will be standing in the Sheffield City Regional Mayoral Election on Thursday 3 May 2018. With the NHA Party's support, South Yorkshire Save Our NHS have raised the £8,000 needed for Naveen to stand. A Rotherham resident, Naveen wants to fight back against the rationing, privatisation and service closures being rolled out in the region. He …

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NHS staff pay rise isn’t a good deal


The new Agenda for Change (AfC) pay deal, agreed earlier this week, will affect pay for over a million NHS staff (but excludes doctors and dentists, who have separate contracts). The deal was accepted by all unions except for the GMB, who said the deal promised 'jam tomorrow'. But what was so wrong with a deal that apparently gives a …

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