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2019 Campaign Statement

This election is a crucial one for the NHS. The NHA Party believes that the Conservative government is a clear and present danger to our health service, due both to their own policies and the problems that a hard Brexit will cause. We must do what we can to prevent a Conservative government gaining a majority.

The result for each seat is difficult to predict under our first-past-the-post system, so tactical voting and cross-party alliances will be key in ensuring victory for progressive parties. The Liberal Democrats, for example, have stood down on the Isle of Wight in favour of the local Green Party candidate, and the Greens in South West Surrey have stood down in favour of the Liberal Democrats. This embodies the cooperative spirit that the country needs.

Therefore, in order to avoid splitting the progressive vote, we have decided not to stand candidates in this election, and instead encourage our NHA supporters and voters to defend the health of the NHS and of the UK by voting and campaigning for the local candidate most likely to prevent a Conservative victory.

We will, of course, continue to campaign for the nation’s health, and will stand candidates in future elections.

Veronika Wagner
Alastair Fischer

Co-Leaders of the NHA, on behalf of the NHA Executive