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Andrew Sharp

Andrew Sharp I am a married father of two young sons and I’ve lived in London for 18 years. I am a Director at a children's book publishing company where I am responsible for our digital output and for licensing our books to overseas publishers and other media companies.

My passion for the NHS stems from the care my family received from the NHS when I was a child. I intend to guarantee that the NHS is still there for my grandchildren when their families need it as much as mine did.

Like most people I want the NHS to remain publicly operated so that it can be properly accountable when things go wrong for patients, properly funded so that staff are not so rushed off their feet that they don’t have adequate time for my family while under their care. I also want the NHS to be coordinated so that when we are ill we do not get passed from one private provider to another – rarely does anybody rely on just one NHS department to resolve their health issues.

I no longer feel able to stand by and allow our politicians to purposefully cause our NHS to disintegrate.

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