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NHS staff pay rise isn’t a good deal


The new Agenda for Change (AfC) pay deal, agreed earlier this week, will affect pay for over a million NHS staff (but excludes doctors and dentists, who have separate contracts). The deal was accepted by all unions except for the GMB, who said the deal promised 'jam tomorrow'. But what was so wrong with a deal that apparently gives a …

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JR4NHS need your help to stop the ACOs!


We've had some great news regarding the legal challenge against ACOs. JR4NHS have secured the concession from NHS England that there must be a national public consultation on ACOs, and no ACO contract will be signed until the consultation has taken place. This is great news as ACO plans are essentially a way of turning local NHS boards into insurance …

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Government are misusing statistics to play down the winter crisis

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Following a series of misleading statements in public fora, it appears that Theresa May's government are misusing official statistics in order to play down the NHS winter crisis. This includes: Theresa May comparing the NHS in England and in Wales by using incompatible statistics which favoured England, when in fact Wales had the more favourable results. Health Minister Philip Dunne …

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Increase in mental health detentions shows grim reality of funding cuts


The National Health Action Party notes with dismay the CQC report on mental health care, which shows a 40% increase in detentions under the Mental Health Act in the decade up to 2015/16. The reasons given in the CQC report are deemed “complex” and essentially show that NHS mental health services are suffering from the same crisis as other parts of the health service. …

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Congratulations to JR4NHS for getting Hunt to pause ACOs


The NHA Party have today received some great news from the legal challenge against ACOs being organised by Allyson Pollock, Peter Roderick and colleagues. They have secured the concession from NHS England that there must be a national public consultation on ACOs, and no ACO contract will be signed until the consultation has taken place. Peter Roderick posted an update …

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#PublicDuty Twitterstorm 2018


In January 2015, the National Health Action Party organised a mass-whistleblowing inspired by a tweet from then-leader Dr Clive Peedell. NHS campaigners and staff united to send 30,000 tweets exposing the Tories, with the hashtag #PublicDuty trending UK-wide on Twitter that day. In March 2016 we repeated the feat, reaching an estimated 350,000 people. And a third Twitterstorm before the …

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NHS England must learn from the Carillion disaster


The NHA Party has previously warned of the risks that private providers will either fail or will back out of unprofitable contracts, as Circle Health did once the CQC found care was 'inadequate' at Hinchingbrooke Hospital after the firm took over. In particular, the NHAspace blog noted in 2015 that: "...private firms are in many cases owned by hedge funds who make …

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NHA welcomes pause in roll-out of privatised NHS GP app


The NHA Party welcomes news today that the roll-out of a mobile app offering privatised GP care to NHS patients has been paused, pending proper investigation of the effects on patient safety and quality of care. The NHA Party previously voiced concerns over the actual value of mobile apps from Babylon Healthcare, given their track record of excluding patients with …

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Stand for us in the May 2018 elections

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The National Health Action Party is calling for candidates for the May 2018 local elections. Local Elections are a great starting point for those with little or no previous electoral experience. No deposit is required, wards usually cover a smaller geographical area than General Election constituencies, there are often several seats available, and plurality voting methods mean small parties have …

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