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We Stand in Solidarity With Striking Outsourced Workers


The National Health Action Party (NHAP) wishes to express its solidarity with outsourced striking workers at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust and St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospitals Trust. The striking workers, 300 in total, work as caterers, porters, cleaners, security guards and receptionists and are outsourced to the Trusts by private contractor Medirest, a subsidiary of Compass Group - …

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Billions in Capital Spending Promised by Ministers is Failing to Hit the Frontline


By Kane Shaw, Press Officer Today the Health Service Journal (HSJ) is reporting that only 3% of the £2.5bn in capital spending allocated by the government since 2017 has been released to the health service. Capital spending is defined as spending on estate infrastructure. This includes computer information technology,  medical equipment, vehicles such as ambulances, and building maintenance and repairs, as …

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Boris Johnson: What Now?


Today Boris Johnson will be handed the keys to Number 10 Downing Street and Britain will be led by a Prime Minister who is fundamentally unfit for office. Boris Johnson has weaponised racism and homophobia to advance his political career, he has embarrassed not only this country on the world stage but also our friends and allies. His lies have …

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Happy Values Week!


By Dr Veronika Wagner This week the NHS is celebrating what it calls Values Week. Now, this may sound like the brainchild of a HR department who were on a staff awayday, but I believe it could be useful to see if the values that Values Week champions are really put into practice in reality. According to the NHS Values …

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NHS Data Sharing: Another Expropriation of a Public Good

communication2 03

By Kane Shaw, Press Officer Last week the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care announced a new partnership between the NHS and Amazon where Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa will be able to scan the NHS website to answer users queries with NHS validated responses. The National Health Action Party responded to the announcement by warning that the Health …

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NHS England Announces New Partnership With Amazon’s Alexa

Amazon Alexa

By Kane Shaw, Press Officer The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, has today announced that Amazon's AI powered voice assistant Alexa will be able to scan the NHS website in order to provide NHS verified answers to users health related queries. The voice assisted technology's algorithms will scan the NHS website in order to provide answers …

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Endgame for the NHS?


By Dr Helen Salisbury, Spokesperson for the National Health Action Party Since its foundation, the NHS has been committed to providing treatment according to clinical need. The distinction between want and need is important—there may be treatments that patients want but don’t need, such as cosmetic surgery. In these cases, they have to go to the private sector and pay …

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