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The new private NHS app leads to cherry-picking and may not be safe


This is a cross post. This article was originally featured in Left Foot Forward Health Secretary Matt Hancock is currently promoting a privately-owned app which is undermining general practice within the NHS. The app, GP at Hand, boasts of allowing users to obtain same day, or next day, face-to-face appointments with GPs. It also claims users can have a video consultation with a GP within …

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The NHS Long Term Plan: Our View


Today the government will unveil its long-term plan for the future funding of the NHS. The 10-year plan will see a real-term increase in funding of 3.5% going toward frontline services. A third of the funding increase – which will amount to an annual budgetary increase of £20bn up to the year 2023 – will be dedicated to increased funds …

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The winter crisis has begun

Winter Crisis

Recently released figures from NHS England reveal November 2018 as being the worst November on record for missed A&E targets. NHS Trusts across the UK are required to treat all A&E admissions within four hours of a patient being presented to a hospital. The statistics reveal that last November the number of patients treated within four hours stood at 87.6%. …

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European Court of Justice ruling: our view


Today the European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK has the power to unilaterally revoke the Article 50 withdrawal process. The ruling also stated the UK would retain all of its currently existing opt-out privileges in the event of deciding to revoke the withdrawal process. This would include retaining its current opt-out of the social chapter, the Schengen …

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The Health Secretary needs to stop coming up with ‘stupid sound bites’ and focus on the crisis in the NHS

Matt Hancock

The Health Secretary, Matt Hancock MP, recently caused controversy by suggesting that NHS managers should emulate McDonalds' staff training programmes in order to improve the health service. Dr Lousie Irvine, Secretary to the National Health Action Party, reacted to the suggestion the NHS needed to take inspiration from the fast food chain's staff training programmes as "ridiculous". Speaking to talkRADIO's …

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Firm linked to Grenfell Tower disaster is suing an NHS Trust


Whittington NHS Trust is having to defend its decision to scrap a tendering process which would have awarded an estates management contract to a construction firm linked to the Grenfell Tower disaster in the High Court. Ryhurst – the company bringing the legal action against the Trust – claims that being a subsidiary of construction firm Rydon Group – the …

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Brexit: our position


The National Health Action Party is committed to campaigning for a second referendum on the UKs membership of the European Union. The National Health Action Party is also convinced that it is in the best interests of the UK to remain inside the European Union. We recognise that the European Union is not a perfect institution, nor is it a …

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