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If we want a publicly-owned NHS, we have to ditch Brexit

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The case for a People’s Vote and the reversal of Brexit couldn’t be clearer writes Dr Alex Ashman, Leader of the National Health Action Party, and Dr Louise Irvine, Secretary to the National Health Action Party The recently published, ‘The Ideal U.S.-U.K. Free Trade Agreement’, written in partnership by the Cato Institute - an American neoliberal think-tank - and arch …

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The ‘Winter Crisis’ narrative is flawed; the NHS is in crisis all year around under this Conservative government


Recently published statistics by the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has revealed that the number of NHS Consultant led operations in England has fallen by 84,000 in 2018 between the months of January and July. The statistics also reveal that the decrease has been accompanied by a sharp increase in those waiting for planned surgery, and that the number of …

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Matt Hancock’s IT revolution falls flat

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Today the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, announced of intention to bring the NHS’ IT system "into the 21st Century". Writing in the Telegraph (paywall), and speaking on BBC Radio 4, the Minister claimed the government would be aiming for the NHS’ IT system to become capable of total interoperability in the future. According to the Minister, a total system of interoperability …

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Room for improvement: more can be done to ensure parity of esteem between physical and mental health


Today the National Health Action (NHA) Party called on NHS England to adopt a waiting time target for secondary and follow up appointments for talking therapies, as part of its programme for Improved Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT). The announcement came after it was revealed that St Helens CCG had a 100% success rate of ensuring that no patients referred …

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The PM is sacrificing NHS well-being so she can placate hard-line Tory Brexiters

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Today government tensions have come to the fore after Theresa May rebuked Philip Hammond for claiming that a no-deal Brexit would result in an £80bn blackhole in the public finances. The rebuke is another exercise by the Prime Minister in placating the 60 hardline Conservative Brexiteers gathered around the European Research Group (ERG). And yet again it demonstrates that Theresa …

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