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Jeremy Hunt is determined to alienate the entire NHS staff by announcing charges to migrants for emergency care

Statement from Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of NHA Party on charging migrants for emergency care “This policy announcement comes on top of the already heightened tensions between the Department of Health and the medical profession amidst the growing crisis over the Junior Doctor Contract. It seems that Jeremy Hunt is determined to alienate the entire NHS staff by re-introducing this …

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Stopping hospitals sending patients back to GPs for re-referrals will not resolve the GP workload, funding and recruitment crisis

Statement from National Health Action Party's Dr Louise Irvine, a GP in Lewisham, London on - plans to stop GPs having to rearrange missed hospital appointments for patients: "Stopping hospitals sending patients back to GPs for re-referrals is welcome but will make very little impact on the massive workload, funding and recruitment crisis facing GPs – problems that his Government …

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We Support The Junior Doctors’ Strike


Over 28000 junior doctors cast their vote in the BMA's ballot about whether proposed industrial action over the proposed new proposed contract. The result was unprecedented and could not be clearer: 98% backed strike action, 99% backed some kind of industrial action in opposition to this contract. Junior doctors have been left with no choice but to take industrial action. …

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Private Finance Initiative

A short film introduction to PFI Thanks to Stella Feehily & Out of Joint Theatre Co, Steve Carne and Donna Coombe. The Private Finance Initiative (PFI) was created by Lord Lamont in 1992 as a way of getting the private sector to build and run public projects which would then be rented back to the state over several decades. Labour's …

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Prioritise Mental Health

Listen to Carl Walker, executive member of the NHA, talk on the psychology of austerity - the mental health consequences of living in a culture of austeriy, and the psychology behind the atmosphere of cuts. We talk to Dr Carl Walker of Psychologists against Austerity. the mental health funding plan needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency increase staffing …

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Hospital A&E and Maternity Closures

View Page Click to check out the complete map Accident & Emergency closures and downgrades since May 2010 Downgraded: 1. Hammersmith, west London September 2014 2. Central Middlesex Hospital, north London, September 2014 3. Chase Farm, north London December 2013 4. Wycombe Hospital, Buckinghamshire downgraded from an emergency medical centre which took some ambulance cases to a minor injuries unit, …

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Jeremy Hunt’s tweet that the NHS is killing babies is disgraceful, says NHA Maternity Spokesperson

Jessica Ormerod, NHA spokesperson for maternity says, “Jeremy Hunt’s tweet that the NHS is killing babies is disgraceful. Both the comment and the means of communicating it show a lack of respect for the vulnerability of the families concerned in his haste to attack the health service. His refusal to retract the words and his failure to understand that this …

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General Election 2015 – Results Analysis

The National Health Action Party has taken 20,210 votes in 12 constituencies in the 2015 General Election. But what does that mean for the party, and how do they compare to other parties both currently and historically? The Picture in England The National Health Action Party was the 7th most popular party in England: Party UK Candidates UK Votes Votes …

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Improving Nursing

Improving Nursing Our NHS cannot survive without its nurses, yet we have fewer nurses per head now than we did when this government came to power in 2010. We need tens of thousands more nurses to provide safe care, yet we are losing thousands of our most experienced nurses who have been let go to be replaced – if replaced …

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