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‘Killing You Softly’: A Novel Attacking the NHS ‘Reforms’

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Neil Carpenter, a retired teacher and NHAP member, has just published ‘Killing You Softly’, a novel set in Cornwall that brings to life what is happening in some surgeries across the country as a result of the government’s so-called reforms to the NHS. Without spoiling the plot, what’s the book about? It’s set in 2014 when coalition policies are biting …

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Nurse “stands for NHS” in elections

Anger at NHS reforms and funding cuts have driven Kathryn Anderson, a nurse for 35 years, to take up politics and stand in next month’s European elections as a National Health Action Party candidate for London. Read more in the Nursing Times article. Nursing Times Article

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Andrew Sharp

I am a married father of two young sons and I’ve lived in London for 18 years. I am a Director at a children's book publishing company where I am responsible for our digital output and for licensing our books to overseas publishers and other media companies. My passion for the NHS stems from the care my family received from …

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Chidi Ejimofo

I am a Consultant in Emergency Medicine at University Hospital Lewisham. I played a prominent role in the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign and testified before the Peoples Inquiry into London’s NHS on the dangers of poorly planned A&E closures. I am a keen tenor and featured in Gareth Malone’s “The Choir: Sing While You Work” series on the BBC as …

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Rufus Hound

According to Wikipedia, I am a comedian, actor and presenter. Oh, and the winner of the Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special. However, the thing I'm proudest of are my two kids. Their lives, the lives of their children, their grand-children and their great grand-children will most likely depend on one of the single greatest achievements of any civilisation - the …

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Old page: NHS FAQs

What’s wrong with privatising the NHS? We can't afford the NHS What’s the fuss, the government say they are not privatising the NHS? Why do I have to wait so long at A&E? Why can’t I get an appointment with my GP? Why don’t they stay open longer? Aren’t immigrants making it harder for British people to use the NHS? …

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Old Page: Useful Links

A collection of links to material we believe provides useful background information to those wishing to gain a deeper understanding of the issues and threats facing the NHS.  Another great resource for more information can be found on the Keep Our NHS Public website. Presentation - 'NHS Privatisation: Past / Present / Future (or, The NHS Sell off; a Global …

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We need more raspberry ripple in politics

A number of commentators have dismissed the NHA as a single issue party.  Well here’s a thought, maybe what we actually need are more single issue parties.  Voting has become as satisfying as choosing a tub of vanilla ice cream at the supermarket.  The packages can look enticing but get them home and they all taste the same. Well I …

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