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NHA hits 30,000 Twitter followers

Twitter 30K

Our Twitter account, @nhaparty, broke through the 30,000 follower count today. That's only 6,000 behind UKIP and makes the NHA Party the fastest growing UK political party on social media. If you don't have a Twitter account, now might be a good time to set one up and help spread the word online.

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Louise Irvine

I’ve been a Lewisham GP for 20 years. I’m the Chair of the successful Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign which saw the biggest community mobilisation in living memory to defend a local hospital and defeated the Health Secretary in the Court of Appeal. I have been a medical educator for 15 years, teaching GP trainees and medical students. As a programme …

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Could you be a local council candidate?

We are looking for supporters to stand as NHA candidates in the local elections this May. These elections are taking place in England and Northern Ireland on May 22nd. All seats in the 32 London Boroughs are up for election with varying amounts of seats in other areas. You can check exactly which council seats are up for election here. …

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Jeremy Hunt trying to undermine trust in us, say four in five GPs

In a survey of GP's, 71% of participants said they believed that cradle-to-grave NHS care regardless of ability to pay was likely to disappear in England in the forseeable future, and 74% said they feared that the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition "has an ultimate agenda to tender provision of GP services to large private providers in England". via Jeremy Hunt trying …

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UK cancer cases rise by 50,000 in a decade

The number of people being diagnosed with cancer each year in Britain has increased by 50,000 over the past decade, according to figures by Cancer Research UK. Cancer numbers have gone up primarily because people are living longer although alcohol and obesity are also playing a part in the rise in the numbers. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/jan/14/people-diagnoses-cancer-rises-50000-decade

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NHAP’s Marcus 5th most influential Tweeter over 50

Our resident tweeter, @marcuschown, is the fifth most influential tweeter over 50. Quite a feat if you look at who is below him on the list. (He's also a resident cosmologist for New Scientist, which Marcus presumably does in his spare time considering the sheer amount of NHS-related tweeting he does.) The top 60 most influential over 50s on Twitter …

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