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#PublicDuty twitter storm Sun 25th Jan, 9pm

Calling all NHS staff and supporters

Our NHS is under serious threat. It's now the number one issue for voters. But are you sick of hearing politicians using the NHS for their own political ends?

  • It's time to hear from NHS staff and patients.
  • It's time for those who work in the NHS and for patients who use the NHS to stand up and speak out in its defence.
  • It's time to tell the public what's really happening to our NHS.

The following tweet by NHS cancer specialist and co-leader of the National Health Action Party, Dr Clive Peedell, has received 7,000 retweets in just a few days.
Clive tweet
We believe a Twitter storm using this tweet as a template will get the message to millions across the country - and could force the mainstream media to take our concerns more seriously.

Here's what you need to do:
1. Please use the original tweet as a template to create your own personalised tweet.

"As a (job) with (number) years NHS experience, it's my #PublicDuty to inform you that the Tories are dismantling and privatising the NHS"

(Fill in your NHS occupation and number of years of NHS experience. Or if you are a patient, say you are a patient with X number of years of using the NHS).

2. Make sure you use the hashtag #PublicDuty as shown

3. At 9pm this Sunday January 25th send your tweet.

4. Use the hashtag #PublicDuty to find like-minded tweets and retweet them.

We hope this will set off a chain reaction and start the whole process trending. The media will be forced to listen to the concerns of NHS staff and the public, further raising awareness of the dismantling of the NHS.

Please, help us take another small step towards saving the NHS - before it's too late.

Together, we can make a difference.

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