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Diabetes – the government is taking us in the wrong direction

​Statement from diabetes expert and National Health Action Party spokesman Professor John Yudkin of UCL:
​"Diabetes is the most pressing yet most preventable disease we are facing. ‎ The government should be taking immediate tough action but is taking us in totally the wrong direction. George Osborne's recent announcement of a £200m cut to the public health budget was quite staggering.
The Responsibility Deal isn't a solution for tackling obesity, the main cause of diabetes. The time has passed for voluntary agreements. We need legislation, including a sugar tax and requirements to cut the use of sugar, to stop the food industry fuelling the obesity crisis. More overt labelling to enable consumer to make informed choices is helpful but on its own isn't enough. We need a sharp increase in physical activity which means building healthy cities and improving sport facilities in schools and communities. We need to look also at non-exercise activity, such as more standing desks in the workplace. Meanwhile the galloping spending on diabetes drugs is largely down to Pharma pushing newer brand name agents none of which has been shown to reduce complications.‎"

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