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Discriminatory voter ID checks should be scrapped

Figures from the voter ID check trials in Bromley, Woking, Gosport, Watford and Swindon on Thursday show around 4,000 voters were turned away. That means 1 in 60 voters were denied the right to vote. Compared with the 1 in 1.6 million rate of voter impersonation reported at the 2017 General Election, this would mean having to block around 25,000 people from voting to prevent one case of fraud.

It is absolutely clear to the NHA Party that blocking thousands from voting is a disproportionate response to voter fraud. We believe the real reason for the policy is to disenfranchise minority groups who are less likely to vote for the current government. This follows the recent move from household to individual voter registration, which is believed to also favour the Conservative Party as it disproportionately affects supporters of rival parties.

The NHA Party therefore calls for the new voter ID checks to be scrapped and for steps to be taken to support voter turnout.

Dr Alex Ashman, NHA Party co-leader, said: "It appears that the government are playing with the voting system in order to carve out an advantage for themselves. Like gerrymandering, intentional disenfranchisement of minorities is unacceptable and must be resisted by all those who believe in our democracy."

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The National Health Action (NHA) Party was founded in 2012 to oppose the growing marketisation of the NHS. The Party also supports a move to a more fair and honest political system.

Dr Ashman is a surgical registrar who joined the NHA in 2012 having seen first hand the effects of marketisation and privatisation on the NHS.

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