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Donations Policy

We now take donations and subscriptions using GoCardless, a secure online Direct Debit provider. For those wishing to donate by card or by PayPal, we also offer a PayPal donation page.

We aim to be transparent and accountable about how we are funded and how we spend your donations - please contact us if you'd like to know more.

Where does NHA get its money from?

We rely on donations from thousands of members of the public from all over the UK to support our campaign.  Supporters give what they can afford and every donation helps big or small. If you donate more than £500 we will contact you to collect extra information required by the Electoral Commission.  Please note that under the Political Party Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA) you must be on the electoral register in the UK excluding the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man in order to make a donation of more than £500.

What things cost NHA money?

NHA is a lean operation. We currently have a small part-time staff base supported by numerous volunteers. During campaigns we may spend money on leaflets, meetings, election deposits and so on. We take care to spend donations wisely and maximise the impact those donations can make.

Security of donations

We use GoCardless and PayPal to handle our online payments and to process your donations. We and they take security extremely seriously and none of your financial data is held or collected by our website. You will always be transferred to the secure GoCardless or PayPal website to handle any online transaction.


We have a refund policy in case you make a donation in error. If you contact us within 7 days of making the donation we will return it to you within 40 days, without charge.