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Don’t ignore us and stop messing with our NHS

The people of Scotland have issued a clear warning to politicians at Westminster with two main messages:

  • Don't ignore us.
  • Stop messing with our NHS.

In polls, the second most common reason given for voting Yes (after “disaffection with Westminster politics”) was the National Health Service. Even among No voters, the NHS was among the top three concerns affecting how they voted.

In England, the National Health Action Party was created by doctors, nurses, health professionals and concerned people in 2012 to save our NHS from the move within all the major parties towards wasteful, bureaucratic and ultimately destructive privatisation.

For too long the NHS has been used as a political football, with each party's failures being used to mask their own as they bicker over the dispatch box. “This crisis is only happening because what of you did,” they cry.

Well, this crisis is happening because of what they all did.

As a single-focus party, the public can rely on the NHA Party to act – always and only – in the best interests of patients and of the NHS, without letting political dogma and power-broking party machines get in the way.

Just like the people of Scotland, we in the NHA Party believe there are profound faults and failings in the UK's democracy and we want to see radical improvements in the way it works. We think that what voters really want is independent MPs creating a House of Commons that is truly responsive to the people they represent. What they don't want is rival gangs of career politicians, toadying to party whips for promotion or cynically calculating what they must do now to snap up the best directorship after they leave.

We hear the warning coming out of Scotland, and we believe they are only saying what the whole of Britain is thinking. It's the same as what's we in the National Health Action Party are saying: Don't ignore us and stop messing with our NHS.

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