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Dr Helen Salisbury to stand in the Witney by-election 2016

The National Health Party is delighted to announce that Dr Helen Salisbury, GP from Oxford West, will be standing as their candidate for the Witney by-election.

The party was created by doctors, nurses and others concerned about the effect of the Coalition’s Health and Social Care Act in 2012, but has developed a full range of policies in response to the downgrading and closure of so many public services.

In David Cameron’s former seat there is much to be angry about as the former PM wrote to ask the council to stop closing front line services and he protested over the loss of maternity at the Horton General. Both of these are the direct result of policies introduced by his government.

Dr Richard Taylor, co-founder and life president of the National Health Action Party twice won his seat in Kidderminster as an independent health candidate. He urges voters to consider breaking with traditional party ties to inject new thinking into politics.

Dr Salisbury says, “In Witney, a GP surgery is closing as Virgin Healthcare withdraws, Chipping Norton Hospital has been handed to a charity and effectively downgraded, and plans are in place to remove maternity care and more from the Horton Hospital in Banbury. The JR in Oxford will struggle to cope with the extra demand.

I am a GP in Oxford and I am standing in the Witney by-election because I know how important these services are to the people here and I want to do my best to save them. I think that to fight effectively in parliament you have to understand what is really happening both locally and nationally.

The destruction of the NHS has reached crisis point. Our health service has been the envy of the world, providing high quality care for everyone at a remarkably low cost. Currently it is strained to breaking point, fragmented and underfunded. The last major reorganisation brought in more private sector companies who have only served to put up costs while driving down quality. The next reorganisation, the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, will lead to closure of hospitals and services cut to the bone.

We inherited our publicly funded, publicly provided, comprehensive NHS from our parents: a vote for me is a vote to say you want to ensure its future for the next generation and beyond.”

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Dr Salisbury is available for interview and will be out campaigning in Witney when she is not working in her surgery.

For more information please contact press@nhaparty.org

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