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NHA Party responds to Jeremy Hunt remaining in post as Health Secretary in Theresa May’s new cabinet

Press release 15th July 2016

An NHA party spokesman said, “Theresa May's decision to keep Jeremy Hunt in his role as Health Secretary has dashed any faint hope there may have been that the new Prime Minister intended a change of direction in health policy.

I would like to remind her of her own stated position against closures of essential services when in opposition to Gordon Brown's government in 2007. From her own blog on Conservative Home, Mrs May wrote:

'However Labour tried to spin it, there is no disguising the fact that hospitals up and down the country face closure and cuts.  When A&E admissions and birth rates are up, how can it possibly make sense to close A&E and maternity departments?  Whatever Labour ministers protest, Gordon Brown’s new health minister, Sir Ara Darzi, says quite openly, “the days of the district general hospital are over'.

She also referred to David Cameron's own 'personal' campaign to protect our hospitals and services.

We are all too aware of David Cameron's inability to keep to a commitment. His famous pledge for 'no more top down reorganisation of the NHS' led to a reorganisation so huge it was described as 'visible from outer space'.

Will Theresa May stick to her position and stop the closure and downgrading of our A&E and maternity services now she is in a position to do so? She cannot fail to be aware that the 'days of the district general hospital' really are over as a result of the 5 Year Forward View and the Sustainability and Transformation Plans. These are the result of her own party's policies both alone and in Coalition since 2010.

I fear that her support for Jeremy Hunt means quite simply the answer is no.

She said in 2007 that Gordon Brown had no mandate. She also has no mandate to continue these cuts and closures.”

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