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Eastleigh by-election results

The National Health Action Party says the Eastleigh by-election has been a hate triangle between Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP squeezing out the important issues facing the country.

The party's candidate, Dr Iain Maclennan, a local doctor and ex-Royal Navy medical officer, said:

"The people of Eastleigh have given a huge vote of no confidence in the Tories. Out on the streets I found a public that is fed up with the Government's sly attempts to turn the NHS - one of the finest and fairest public services in the world - into a cash cow for private profit.

He went on:

"This election has been a hate triangle between the Tories, Lib Dems and UKIP, squeezing out the real issues such as the economy and the survival of the National Health Service. The people of Eastleigh who did vote for the NHA Party have demonstrated they want a return to the politics of hope in place of the politics of greed and fear."

The NHA party was set up last November by doctors and health care professionals seriously concerned at how the policies of the Coalition Government and the Labour party were bringing about the effective dismantling of the NHS. The Party plans to field 50 candidates at the 2015 General Election.
Co-leader of the NHA Party Clive Peedell said he was pleased by the result considering how new the Party is:

"The National Health Action Party was launched just 3 months ago so this has been a steep learning curve for us. Lack of media coverage made it hard to make a big impact at our first election, especially with 14 candidates running which split the vote for the smaller parties."
"We have gained a lot of experience, support and expertise and this has given us a great platform to build on for the 2015 General Election."

The former independent MP for Wyre Forest Dr Richard Taylor, who is the party's  co-founder, said:

"In less than 20 days, starting from scratch, Dr Maclennan and his team have raised the public's awareness of the need to preserve the NHS against the ravages of the government. Our support is nationwide."


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