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European Court of Justice ruling: our view

Today the European Court of Justice has ruled that the UK has the power to unilaterally revoke the Article 50 withdrawal process.

The ruling also stated the UK would retain all of its currently existing opt-out privileges in the event of deciding to revoke the withdrawal process.

This would include retaining its current opt-out of the social chapter, the Schengen internal security treaty, the Euro and greater flexibility on VAT rates and its tax rebate.

Dr Alex Ashman, Co-leader of the National Health Action Party, reacted to the news by stating: “This ruling is a lifeline for the country – and its one we desperately need.

As a party, we have argued that those who voted to leave the EU cannot be dismissed as nativists, xenophobes or racists. There are – and were - very real reasons and causes for the anger that is being felt across this country and which fed into the decision to leave the EU.

Clearly, remaining in the EU does not mean – and cannot mean – simply going back to the way things were before. But it is just as clear – if not more so – that the NHS and the economy will not profit from Brexit. Brexit will not deliver the promises it was sold on.

It is now vital that we have a People’s Vote which gives the British people the option of voting for either Theresa May’s deal or the option of remaining in the EU.

The benefits and opt-outs that we currently enjoy are the best deal we are going to get. The threat to the NHS and our public services has long been a domestic one – it called the Conservative Party. It is now time we put the distractions of Brexit behind us and concentrated on fighting the Conservatives. They’ve brought this country to the brink and its time they now paid the price”


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