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Grab the Latest Edition of The Lowdown: New Issue Out Now

For activists and concerned citizens who want to see the best for our NHS it can often feel daunting when one first attempts to come to grips with how the privatisation of the health service really takes place on the ground.

The NHS is hardly a small institution, and it always seems like there is a new NHS related story in the headlines or some politician making a policy announcement leading to yet another reorganisation of the health service.

This is why we need quality journalism which is not afraid to focus upon the strategies that are currently being deployed to privatise the health service. A form of journalism which is capable - unlike the vast majority of "mainstream" media outlets - of contextualising policy changes promoting privatisation within the health service, in light of the longer term dynamics in play.

In short, we need analysis which cuts through the bluster and gets to the facts, so that people like you and me can organise and  fight for a fully funded, and publicly funded, National Health Service.

One of the best publications out there today providing this high quality journalism is The LowdownLaunched in February of this year, The Lowdown provides expert analysis and commentary on the state of the health service and the developments taking place within it. But, not only that, it is in the process of creating online archives and a series of research briefings which can not only be of use to activists, but also to NHS staff in their fight to protect their rights within the workplace, as well as to academics,  journalists and trade unionists.

One of The Lowdown's defining goals is to change the way the mainstream media engages with the NHS. As it often appears that a majority of journalists do not have a sufficient grasp of the real structure and functioning of the NHS. And if journalists are uninformed then this has knock on effects for a citizenry which by and large remains supportive of the National Health Service.

Created by Paul Evans of the NHS Support Federation, and John Lister of Keep Our NHS Public and Health Campaigns Together, The Lowdown has over 60 years of research and campaigning expertise behind it, it is destined to go from strength to strength. However, if you have not heard of The Lowdown's work then today is your lucky day as they have just released their latest newsletter which is available to download (for free) here.

The new issue looks at the strike action taking placing across a swathe of NHS Foundation Trusts as NHS staff fight not to be moved into the private sector against their will, the staffing crisis currently plaguing the health service, cuts to the NHS Long Term Plan and the most recent privatisation of cytology screening services and much more. It even takes a look overseas to France where emergency staff are engaged in a battle for greater pay and working rights. So, if you think the work of The Lowdown could be of use to you or your friends then please share its work far and wide. See their website, The Lowdown, share it on your social media and download their newsletter. And if possible, consider making a monthly donation to support them in their cause.


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