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Support Dr Helen Salisbury in the Witney by-election

OK I've done it again! I've agreed to stand in the Witney by-election for the National Health Action Party.

Things are getting desperate in the NHS - the system is creaking because of underfunding and the pointless bureaucracy of the market. Don't let them kid you that the problems are all due to an ageing and growing population - it is not the patients' fault but successive Tory govts (with LibDem connivance).

Social care cuts mean older patients can't be looked after at home.

Public health cuts mean stopping sexual health services, smoking cessation and loads more cheap ways of keeping people healthy.

But much, much worse is yet to come, under the guise of Sustainability and Transformation Plans - fancy words for cutting beds and services, reducing our NHS to a safety-net instead of the comprehensive service we need. On the way it will be reshaped to resemble US-style accountable care organisations, all ready for the insurance schemes to come.

So I'm campaigning for a return to a comprehensive National Health Service, properly and publicly funded, publicly provided, accountable and accessible to all. Here in Witney there is much to be angry about as the former MP and PM David Cameron wrote to ask the council to stop closing front line services and he protested over the loss of maternity at the Horton General. Both of these are the direct result of policies introduced by his government and Helen thinks this must be challenged in parliament.

Dr Richard Taylor, co-founder and life president of the National Health Action Party twice won his seat in Kidderminster as an independent health
candidate. He urges voters to consider breaking with traditional party ties to inject new thinking into politics.

As a GP, I am committed to caring for my community and I believe that this experience will stand me in good stead to represent the concerns
of the people of Witney.

We only have a few weeks to campaign and we need all the help we can get so please volunteer to hand out leaflets with me or deliver leaflets door-to-door, come and support me at hustings, or donate to the campaign. Every penny will count towards holding the government to account.


Please get in touch with me and the campaign by emailing helensalisburynhap@gmail.com

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