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Help us scrap ICPs

Integrated Care Providers (ICPs) pose a serious risk to the future of the NHS as a tax funded, publicly accountable, universal system of healthcare.

We must act now to draw attention to what is happening and to support 999 Call for the NHS in their forthcoming appeal.

For those of you who don’t know, ICPs are a new contract and system for delivering health and social care across England. In essence ICPs would hand over the powers of service provision in health and social care to non-statutory, corporate bodies for 10 to 15 years per contract.

The dangers ICPs present to the NHS are numerous. They would undermine mechanisms of democratic oversight, encourage the cutting of services and much more.

But together we can challenge the rollout of ICPs.

If you have not done so already, please sign this petition calling for ICPs to be scrapped.

If you have any spare money, then we encourage you to donate to 999 Call for the NHS’ appeal through. You can do so through Crowd Justice.

Finally, you can let NHS England know how you feel about ICPs by submitting a response to their public consultation. The consultation can be found here. You can also find previous submissions to the consultation here.

Together we can fight for a better NHS.


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