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How NHA has been making the news this week

NHA and Greens Are Real Alternatives in this election (Armando Ianucci, BBC Question Time)

New book tells stories from NHS (Dr Carl Walker, Shoreham Herald)

Fear of immigration being used to garner support (Rik Evans, West Briton News)

Dr Louise Irvine invites Jeremy Hunt to election debate in SW Surrey (Haslemere Herald)

NHS “scaremongerers”? (NHA Party, Dr Clive Peedell, Dr Louise Irvine, Dr Paul Hobday, Dr Bob Gill)

Doctors – the new political scapegoat? (Dr Paul Hobday, Open Democracy)

David Cameron, England’s NHS, and the tiger in the bathroom (Dr Carl Walker, Open Democracy)

Fairer world possible (NHA Party, Oxford Times)

Dr Louise Irvine on LBC rejecting patient charging

TTIP will lead to Contraction of GDP, Personal Incomes, Employment, Increase in Financial Instability (Dr Clive Peedell, Global Research News)

Dr Helen Salisbury versus a Tory MP on the NHS reforms (Radio Five Live)

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