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Hunt’s comments on the winter crisis are disgraceful, says NHA leader Dr Alex Ashman

Within 24 hours of his hollow apology to patients, the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt made the following statement on Twitter, apparently acknowledging that the NHS really is in crisis:

"Tony Blair's memory is as selective in office as out of office: does he not remember his own regular NHS winter crises? Perhaps he was too focused on joining the euro to give his full attention to the NHS..."

The NHA Party finds it beyond belief that Mr Hunt is using the suffering of poorly patients this winter to try to score political points against a former prime minister. And given that his government is thoroughly distracted with their Brexit fiasco, Mr Hunt can hardly make reference to Tony Blair's distraction by Europe.

Dr Alex Ashman, NHA Party co-leader, said:

"Jeremy Hunt has finally acknowledged that the NHS is in the grip of a winter crisis. But rather than address the fundamental causes - a shortage of funds, staff, beds - Mr Hunt is taking the opportunity to have a political mudslinging match with a man who hasn't been in charge of the NHS for a decade.

"We'd like to remind Mr Hunt that he has been Health Secretary for nearly five years, during which time standards have continually slipped and waiting times have soared. Going on TV to say 'sorry' to patients just doesn't cut it, especially given his disgraceful remarks on Twitter today. Using the suffering of patients to score political points is frankly beyond the pale."

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The National Health Action (NHA) Party was founded in 2012 to oppose the growing marketisation of the NHS. The NHA Party stood against Jeremy Hunt in his SW Surrey constituency in the 2015 and 2017 General Elections, taking 12,093 votes in the latter: a 7.8% swing to NHA.

Dr Ashman is a surgical registrar who joined the NHA in 2012 having seen first hand the effects of marketisation and privatisation on the NHS. They have been on the NHA national executive committee since 2013. They were elected to one of the party co-leader roles in December 2016.

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