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Just when you thought there couldn’t be another election…

Our candidates

Our manifesto

Will 2017 be the year NHA gets its first MP?

We may be a small party but our candidates are all knowledgeable about the NHS and passionate about public service - qualities lacking in many MPs from the main parties.

We are part of the overwhelming push to oust the current government from power. We are in no doubt that another five years of the Tories will see the end of the NHS as we know it. A new system is already being entrenched in its place, based on Accountable Care, a UK version of US Medicare. With the first Greater Manchester contract for £10bn out to international tender the real possibility has been opened up of sections of the NHS being owned and run by US private health companies. That has to be resisted with all we can throw at it. An NHA MP would be a voice consistently holding up a mirror to the Tories if they win and Labour to its promises if they win. And we will continue to keep you informed either way.

Some campaigners are saying only a vote for Labour counts

Let's leave aside for one minute (but not forget) the role New Labour has played in the commercialisation of all our public services, will voting Labour everywhere 'save the day'? The answer is no. It's not total numbers that count - it's where they are cast.

The big parties spend their time and resources on marginal constituencies - where the gap between the sitting MP and the nearest rival means it can easily change hands. In these constituencies small parties or strong independents can shift the balance of power for good or ill. But there are constituencies where the seats are considered 'safe'. It's here that ideas about Progressive Alliances become interesting - especially when Jeremy Hunt is the target. It was 'safe' Conservative Tatton where Martin Bell had his surprise victory. And our own co-founder Dr Richard Taylor won twice as an Independent Health candidate in Kidderminster.

These are rare achievements but they do also represent something else - the opportunity for different voices to be heard in Westminster. We've never been on the brink of losing the NHS before. We think it must be time for one of those rare achievements. Give public service a voice.

Some people are worried about voting for a 'single issue' party

The NHA is not a single issue, although as single issues go the NHS is huge. But the NHS doesn't function in a vacuum. Housing, education, support for the unemployed, unwell and disabled, good employment opportunities - all of our domestic policy issues which are the business of government - combine to promote good health or make us ill. These are the 'social determinants of health', and are also key party policies.

We urgently need your help in raising funds for our general election campaign

We don't have a 'war chest' on hand for snap elections. We don't have billionaire donors willing to help fight against privatisation. But we DO have our members and supporters, our Facebook and Twitter followers.

Will you help us raise the money to stand our candidates? We need as much time as possible for their campaigns.


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