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Could you be a local council candidate?

We are looking for supporters to stand as NHA candidates in the local elections this May. These elections are taking place in England and Northern Ireland on May 22nd.

All seats in the 32 London Boroughs are up for election with varying amounts of seats in other areas. You can check exactly which council seats are up for election here.

Putting up candidates in the local elections is very important for 4 reasons:

1.      Building momentum for the general election in 2015

2.      Running a campaign helps establish a local network

3.      Local councillors have many important health related responsibilities (more details below)

4.      A local council presence give us a power base for the future

Please get in touch with us if you want to discuss the possibility of standing in your local area.

Email us at info@nhaparty.org

Local councillors have an important role in health provision in your area
Social care: Local councils are responsible for providing social care and there is an overlap between health and social care, especially for older or disabled people.
Overseeing doctors’ practices: Councils are represented on the new health and wellbeing boards to work with the GP-led clinical commissioning groups and other interested parties to plan co-ordinated local services for health and wellbeing.
Overseeing local health services: The Council's Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee scrutinises and can challenge decisions made by local health care organisations that have an impact on people's health or health services.
Promoting public health: Local Councils have taken over Public Health and are now the employers of the public health specialists whose job it is to promote and protect public health. Councils are responsible therefore for health promotion, screening, sexual health, health visitors, child health promotion, school nurses, social care workers, community practitioners such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists who provide care in the community. This may vary a bit from area to area but is the case in the London boroughs and probably most others.
Other health-related issues: Councils are also responsible for other areas that impact on health such as housing, clean air, environmental issues, sanitation, provision and upkeep of green spaces and sports facilities.

You can read more about standing in the local elections here

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