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AGM 2019

Saturday 2nd November 2019 at London Irish Centre, Camden, London
Start: doors open 10:45 for AGM at 11:00, lunch at 12:00, conference follows at 12:40.
Chair: Alastair Fischer, NHA Party co-leader


Tickets for the event can be obtained via our EventBrite page.


  1. Welcome and notices
  2. Agreement of previous AGM minutes
  3. Annual report
  4. Finance report
  5. Motions
  6. Elections
  7. Any other business

Notices of AGM



Annual General Meeting 2019 (Members Only)

  • 11.00 - Welcome, Co-Leader, Dr Alastair Fischer
  • 11.15 - Co-Leader Report on Past Year, Dr Alastair Fischer
  • 11.15 - Financial Report, Naveen Judah, Treasurer
  • 11.25 - Election of Executive members
  • 11.40 - Motions and amendments to motions
  • 11.50 - Discussion of the way ahead for the party
  • 12.00 - Breakout/Lunch

Party Conference 2019 (Open to non-members and the public)

  • 12.40 - "The Crisis in the NHS and how we defend it", Dr John Lister, Coventry University and London Health Emergency
  • 13.30 - Breakout Session
  • 14.20 - Afternoon Tea
  • 14.40 - Feedback on Breakout Session
  • 15.00 - "Healthcare for all? How can we respond to increasing restrictions to care?", James Skinner, MedAct
  • 15.40 - Closing Remarks
  • 15.45 - End of Conference

Please note that lunch will be provided free of charge and that entry is free to all National Health Action Party (NHAP) members. For non-members attending the conference we encourage a donation of £5 - £10.

About the speakers

John Lister is a leading campaigner for keeping the NHS as a publicly-owned and publicly-operated NHS, and for maintaining funding at an acceptable level. He will outline the problems caused by the 2012 Health and Social Care Act, the continued attempts to privatise the NHS by stealth and the problems expected for the NHS if a trade deal is signed between the UK and the USA, particularly one under the guidance of Donald Trump.

James Skinner is the Access to Healthcare Campaigner at MedAct where he works on the Patients Not Passports campaign, organising alongside healthcare workers and patients to challenge the Hostile Environment in the NHS. Before that he was an A&E nurse, worked with Docs Not Cops, and was involved in community-led planning in North London. About his talk, James says: The introduction of immigration checks in hospitals and the expansion of charging across the NHS has led to drastic changes in the way we deliver care. Already we are seeing the impact of these policies on patients, from the Windrush generation being denied care because they did not have the right documents, to a couple denied access to the body of their baby because they could not pay a £10k bill.