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AGM 2019 – Candidate Statements

NEC candidates

The following candidates will be standing for re-election to the National Executive Committee:

  • Helen Salisbury
  • Marcus Chown
  • Karen Chilver
  • Alastair Fischer (Nominating Officer)

They would join those already on the executive who were elected at previous AGMs:

  • John Dean (elected 2017)
  • Bernice Ancill (elected 2017)
  • Andrew Sharp (elected 2017)
  • Anne Summers (elected 2017)
  • Harry Hayfield (elected 2017)
  • David Lawrence (elected 2018)
  • Veronika Wagner (elected 2018)
  • Naveen Judah (elected 2018)

It is noted that Alex Ashman, Louise Irvine, and Mark Jarnell have resigned from the executive committee since the last AGM.

Co-leadership candidates

The following candidates will be standing for election as co-leader:

  • Alastair Fischer
  • Veronika Wagner

They will be replacing Alex Ashman, who stood down as the party's only co-leader in August 2019, following which Alastair Fischer has fulfilled the role of acting co-leader.

As there are sufficient posts to accommodate all those standing for election, they will be elected unopposed.

Candidate statements

Helen Salisbury has been a GP in Oxford for over 25 years and teaches medical students at Oxford university. She stood for the party in the 2015 General Election for Oxford West and Abingdon and at the Witney by-election in 2016. She broadcasts regularly on radio and social media, and has a regular column in the BMJ

Marcus Chown Formerly a radio astronomer at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, Marcus Chown is a prolific writer, journalist and broadcaster (www.marcuschown.com). His book, The Ascent of Gravity, was The Sunday Times Science Book of the Year 2017. He is an influential and informative user of Twitter and in 2014 was named by The Telegraph the 5th most influential on Twitter (after Simon Cowell, Gary Lineker, Lord Sugar and Jeremy Clarkson) . In 2014, Marcus stood for NHA in the London euro elections.

Karen Chilver is a community palliative care nurse who has worked in the NHS for over 30 years.

Veronika Wagner works in the NHS in the area of mental health. She sees at first-hand how NHS cuts and privatisation under the guise of austerity adversely affect patients and staff. She wants no part in privatisation, and to campaign for a socially just, publicly funded and delivered NHS.  Until she joined the NHA party, she had not undertaken any party-political activity.

Alastair Fischer is a statistician and health economist who has worked as a civil servant and academic in Australia and the UK, including at NICE for 6 years in technology appraisal and 10 in Public Health. He believes fervently in cooperation rather than competition in a wide range of human activities.