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AGM 2019 – Motions

Motion 1. There shall be a separate class of supporter for the NHA party, called a Carer Affiliate, available to registered Carers, comprising of two groups: paid carers and unpaid carers. These two groups will pay lower rates of annual membership fees to be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee, and will not be granted voting rights or be allowed to move or amend motions at Annual General Meetings or Special General Meetings of the party.

Mover Harry Hayfield, Seconder Alastair Fischer.

Motion 2. The party manifesto for 2020 must include policies to further the welfare of registered paid and unpaid carers.

There are some 8 million cares in the UK, but they appear to have little or no direct political voice. Acting together, carers could gain better conditions and recognition. This would be better not just for themselves, but also for those they care for. We believe that NHA could help to achieve that.  

Mover Harry Hayfield, Seconder Alastair Fischer

Motion 3. Party supporters may sit in on the AGM and Special GMs as observers.

We have several friends who might wish to join the party and the Exec and who should be allowed to observe the AGM part of the party conference. In addition, many existing supporters may wish to do more for the party, and this measure may give them encouragement.

Mover Alastair Fischer Seconder David Lawrence

Motion 4. TV licensing fees for viewers should be abolished entirely. The BBC should be funded by general taxation at a given percentage of GDP that can only be altered by very small changes from one 3-year period to the next.

See https://nhaparty.org/paying-for-bbc-tv/

Mover Harry Hayfield, Seconder Alastair Fischer

Motion. 5 Add Harassment and Violent Conduct to the Reasons to initiate Recall of an MP

The National Health Action Party notes the worrying increase in abusive and sexist conduct within the House of Commons, most recently when four women MPs’ concerns and fears were dismissed by the Prime Minister as ‘humbug’.

The Recall of MPs Act 2015 provides a process for three specified situations where a minimum of 10% of a constituency’s electorate can petition the Speaker of the House of Commons for an MP to be recalled:

1.An MP has received a prison sentence of a year or less—longer sentences automatically disqualify MPs without need for a petition;

2. An MP is suspended from the House of least 10 sitting days or 14 calendar days, following a report by the Committee on Standards;

3. An MP has a conviction for providing false or misleading expenses claims.

The criteria do not currently include the recall of an MP for harassment or violent conduct.

The National Health Action Party calls on Parliament to amend the Recall of MPs Act 2015, to give the public the power to recall their MPs in cases where they have been found guilty of violence or harassment by the Independent Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards.

WEP letter: https://www.womensequality.org.uk/recall_mark_field

Mover Veronika Wagner, Seconder Alastair Fischer

Motion 6. This conference calls for the repeal of all legislation that imposes charges on migrants using NHS services.

There is much evidence that migrant charges have denied people vital health care, and deterred people from accessing care, causing needless suffering, adverse health outcomes and death, affecting the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our communities. Abolishing migrant charging will protect vulnerable people from being denied necessary health care; it will protect the public health; it will protect pregnant women and their babies by enabling them to access full maternity care; it will protect the right of NHS staff to carry out their duties to all patients ethically; it will be cost effective as treating conditions properly earlier prevents the much greater costs of emergency care of untreated conditions. This Conference calls on the Government to publish its research on the impact of charging migrants. This conference supports the Maternity Alliance’s current legal challenge to the Government on the harmful impact of NHS charging on pregnant women and their babies.

Mover: Louise Irvine, Seconder Alastair Fischer