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We need more raspberry ripple in politics

A number of commentators have dismissed the NHA as a single issue party.  Well here’s a thought, maybe what we actually need are more single issue parties.  Voting has become as satisfying as choosing a tub of vanilla ice cream at the supermarket.  The packages can look enticing but get them home and they all taste the same.

Well I am tired of vanilla, I want raspberry ripple.  I want more independent minds in Westminster, more MP’s who actually have some expertise and knowledge in their field and a fire in their belly.  I am tired of a party system that forces MPs to surrender their beliefs and passion when they step over the Westminster threshold and settle all too easily into the role of a party drone.  Drones to be marched through the voting lobby on command and bray for the cameras at PMQs.  How ironic is it by the way that in our seat of democracy the Whips are allowed to coerce MPs to vote along party lines.

When did the Party become more important than the constituents MPs are supposed to represent?  Some may accuse me of being naïve; that I don’t understand the traditions and practices of UK politics. Well, they are probably right, but I do know for certain that what we have today isn’t working for me.

Bring on the raspberry ripple.

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