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NHA co-leader Dr Alex Ashman resigns

Having been elected to the co-leader role in December 2016, Dr Alex Ashman has now resigned from co-leadership of the party. Alex joined the party executive in 2013 and is now standing down in order to focus on work commitments, fellowship exams, and a young family. As the other co-leadership position is currently unfilled, the executive committee will look to appoint a caretaker leader until elections take place at the AGM later this year.

As Alex explains, "I've done my best to carry things on in the spirit of the founding co-leaders Dr Taylor and Dr Peedell, and now it's time for someone else to take over. A lot has happened since I joined the party in 2012. We've had some difficult patches and some great moments; it was worth it all just for Jeremy Hunt's expression when he found out our very own Dr Louise Irvine had taken 12,009 votes against him! The party's successes have been a joint effort between many hardworking people, and I'm grateful for everything they've done over the last seven years. I have every faith in my colleagues on the executive committee as they continue their brilliant contributions to our fight for the NHS."


  • 2012 - joined the party and started the NHA Facebook page
  • 2013 - joined the NHA executive committee
  • 2014 - joint NHA candidate for European Elections in London region
  • 2016 - elected NHA co-leader
  • 2019 - resigned NHA co-leader