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NHS privatisation exposed


Following our Freedom of Information request campaign launched in January this year, The Independent has published an exclusive report on the substantial private healthcare income of several NHS hospitals. In particular, the Royal Marsden stated that over the last 5 years the number of private patients using their facilities has increased by 31%, and private healthcare now represents nearly a third of the trust's income. Furthermore, the …

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Announcing the NHA AGM & Conference 2017


Saturday 18th November 2017 Old Library, Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate's, Oxford OX1 1BX AGM 11:30-13:00 Lunch 13:00-13:45 Conference 13:45-16:00 The National Health Action Party would like to invite all our members and supporters to our 2017 conference. Theme: Progressive alliances and collaborative campaigning Speakers: Louise Irvine (NHA candidate against Jeremy Hunt, 2015 + 2017) Steve Williams (Progressive Alliance Campaign) Jacky Davis (author of NHS SOS) …

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NHA welcomes a new leader and a new year fighting for the NHS

My name is Alex Ashman. This new year message is to introduce myself and to look to the fight for our NHS. That may not be a message full of seasonal cheer, but with the Clinical Commissioning Groups signing 2 year service contracts on 23 December, which will hasten along the Sustainability and Transformation Plans, neither the government nor NHS England are …

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The Lords’ committee into the long-term sustainability of the NHS – NHA’s evidence is published


The National Health Action Party has submitted evidence to the Lords' Committee into the long-term sustainability of the NHS. The Lords' committee which is reviewing the long-term financial sustainability of the NHS has been hearing oral evidence since June first in private sessions and since 12 July they have held four public sessions. The committee requested that written evidence be submitted by 20 …

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Support Dr Helen Salisbury in the Witney by-election


OK I've done it again! I've agreed to stand in the Witney by-election for the National Health Action Party. Things are getting desperate in the NHS - the system is creaking because of underfunding and the pointless bureaucracy of the market. Don't let them kid you that the problems are all due to an ageing and growing population - it …

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NHA Party responds to the proposed Sustainability and Transformation plans in South West London

Yesterday in parliament, there was a debate on the NHS' Sustainability and Transformation Plans. The cuts to services in South West London were discussed. Our parliamentary candidate, Dave Ash, stood in the general election on a platform saying that these cuts had already been marked out for the area. A National Health Action Party spokesman said, The Sustainability and Transformation …

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NHA Party responds to Jeremy Hunt remaining in post as Health Secretary in Theresa May’s new cabinet

Press release 15th July 2016 An NHA party spokesman said, “Theresa May's decision to keep Jeremy Hunt in his role as Health Secretary has dashed any faint hope there may have been that the new Prime Minister intended a change of direction in health policy. I would like to remind her of her own stated position against closures of essential services …

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Guidelines on A&E admissions are there to save lives. The tragedies in the East of England will be followed by more once the Sustainability and Transformation Plans are in place

Press release National Health Action Party 15th July 2016 Changes are currently being forced through at speed throughout the NHS in England which emphasise care closer to home, people being healthy and staying out of A&E. The only safe way to implement such changes is to have proper consultation, strict guidelines and the right level of staff available to make …

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“‘Sustainability’ actually means removing services from the NHS and charging for them, says the Lords’ Committee on Long Term Sustainability of the NHS”

National Health Action Party Press Release 13th July 2016 The King's Fund report, Deficits in the NHS 2016, published on the 11th July 2016 argues that due to increased level in demand of services the NHS is fast becoming ‘unsustainable’. The report urges the government to be honest with the public about ‘realistic capacity’, the need for a reduced workforce …

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NHAs Dr Louise Irvine dispels the conspiracy theory around John McDonnell’s ‘clandestine’ meeting with NHS campaigners

The National Health Action Party understands a request has been made by Emma Reynolds MP to Iain McNicholl, General Secretary of the Labour Party to investigate whether John McDonnell, Shadow Chancellor, has been running secret policy groups in parallel with the formally constituted ones. The allegation concerns, amongst others, Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party’s executive committee …

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