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£1 invested in public healthcare increases GDP by more than £3


Far from being a drain on our economy, every £1 invested in public healthcare increases GDP by more than £3 according to the latest research. Most sensible people agree that investment in education and in health contribute to economic growth in the long term by creating a healthier, better educated, and therefore more productive labour force. A recent study however, …

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Is market competition compatible with health care?

The NHS used to be based on collaboration and co-operation but now it’s a partly marketised service. NHA Party’s David Lawrence, a Public Health consultant, explains why this is really not good for our health. http://www.nhsmanagers.net/guest-editorials/nhs-in-england-market-competition-and-health-care/

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A new year, a new website and a new lifeline for the NHS

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Chancellor George Osborne has announced a further £25 billion of spending cuts after 2015 if the Tories are re-elected. This can only spell bad news for the NHS. His announcement ironically coincides with the launch of our new website and our Action Plan for the NHS. Here’s Dr Clive Peedell’s assessment of the threat to the NHS - and what …

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New logo and website

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2014 is a pivotal year for the National Health Action Party. We have lots of exciting news in the pipeline, but today, we are delighted to launch our new logo and website. We hope you will agree they are a little easier on the eye, but we are particularly excited about the interactive section of the website which we have …

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Are there really soaring numbers of people attending A&E?

Both Jeremy Hunt and the Mail have claimed that soaring numbers of people are attending A&E and blame Labour's changes to the GP contract in 2004. A report by The King's Fund disproves both of these. “Over the past decade there has certainly been a huge increase in [A&E] work. But this is partly attributable to the changes in statistical …

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The NHS is already under massive pressure. If you keep pushing and pushing, the service will fall apart – says Dr Clive Peedell on Sky News

Dr Clive Peedell was interviewed on the Murnaghan Show on Sky News today, ahead of Sky’s week long special coverage of the NHS. Here’s a summary of what Clive had to say: The NHS is facing a perfect storm. There are 3 serious problems it's facing: a predicted funding gap of £50-55bn by 2020 because of unprecedented government cuts and …

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Don’t blame patients for this A&E crisis, blame the government

London GP Dr Louise Irvine responds to the proposal to charge for A&E services. The argument that there are a lot of time wasters in A&E has been greatly exaggerated. The vast majority of people who use A&E actually do have serious health problems and even if they have minor problems, they're worried there's something seriously wrong. All evidence shows …

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