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New Year Message from the National Health Action party

April 2013 will mark the end of the English NHS as we know it, as the Health and Social Care Act legislation comes into force. Expert legal analysis, published in the BMJ and the Lancet has demonstrated how the new legislation enshrined in the Health and Social Care Act fundamentally undermines the founding principles of the NHS, by providing the …

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National Health Action party’s response to Mike Farrar’s (NHS Confederation) view on NHS reforms

Writing in the Guardian, Mike Farrar, the chief executive of the NHS Confederation (which receives significant funding from the Department of Health), claims hospitals will have to provide fewer services and beds if the NHS is to cope with growing demand caused by the ageing population. But Farrar’s well-worn argument is flawed in many ways: 1. The evidence that increased …

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NHA Statement on health service reconfigurations

Why is the NHA party calling for a moratorium on all health service reconfigurations? Health service reconfiguration is complicated. There may be good clinical and public health grounds for some reconfigurations and appropriate modernisation should be embraced. However, national health provision is currently being aggressively dismantled and commercialised. Worse still, proposed closures and budget cuts disproportionately affect the poorest and most in need. We need to rigourously assess the …

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Autumn statement: Why Britain isn’t ‘healing’

The Government has failed on its core election promises and has cut the NHS and not the deficit Today’s statement from the chancellor once again confirmed that the current government has little or no regard for the long-term health of the NHS, or indeed the nation. As independent criticism mounts of the government's long-term economic strategy, it is clear that George Osborne …

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Latest News on National Health Action party in the Media

Launch of the National Health Action party (15/11/12) BBC Doctors set up new party to fight election on NHS Doctors launch National Health Action party in London ITV New political party launched “to protect NHS” New party set to target seat held by Andrew Lansley Channel 4 Can a new political party win seats on the issue of the NHS? …

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NHA Party in The Independent

Read our Letter to the Independent on Sunday, which made frontpage news and the leading article “Doctors to stand against top Lib Dems and Tories in 2015 general election as more than 240 medics launch national campaign in letter to The Independent on Sunday” “Doctors bid to unseat 50 MPs in revenge over NHS bill”

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