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NHA Party Thanks the Nation’s Carers and Commits to Reforms

Following the publication of the annual Carer’s Survey, commissioned by Carer’s UK and gaining over six thousand responses, the NHAP wishes to place on record its appreciation of the work that carers (both paid and unpaid) do for the country.

According to the survey, there are an estimated 6½ million carers (14% of the UK electorate as of June 2017), and of these carers at least 29% (2 million) are in paid work as well as caring, 56% (12 million) are involved in around the clock care and 16% (1 million) are over the age of 65 themselves.

Despite this, the UK government believes that carers should be treated worse than any other sector in the country, paying them, in the words of Harry Hayfield, an unpaid carer for his grandparents in their 90’s and the party’s constitutional affairs spokesperson, a “measly” 55p an hour (£65 a week), despite that for every pound paid in carer’s allowance those 6½ million carers save the UK government £300; as a minimum in care costs.

Therefore, the NHAP welcomes and endorses the conclusions of the report that:

  • Across the UK, there is a need for sustainable funding of social care support. The huge contribution of unpaid carers must be firmly recognised as the Government looks to review the funding of social care in England. This recognition of the contribution of carers should form part of similar discussions on funding social care that are ongoing in each of the nations
  • Greater consistency is needed in making carers aware of support available to look after their own health and wellbeing including access to health checks, flu jabs, supporting with medication and flexible appointment times
  • Older carers should be identified and offered support to coordinate care, have regular breaks from caring, and plan for the future as their own health needs change.

And is proud to state that it is the only party in the United Kingdom to commit to a doubling Carer’s Allowance within the lifetime of the next Parliament paid for by increasing the higher rate of income tax by 1%.



The National Health Action (NHA) Party was founded in 2012 to oppose the growing marketisation of the NHS. The NHA Party stood against Jeremy Hunt in his SW Surrey constituency in the 2015 and 2017 General Elections, taking 12,093 votes in the latter: a 7.8% swing to NHA. The Party also supports a move to a more fair and honest political system.

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