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Our NHS checklist for Labour

1. Introduce a temporary tax increase specifically to tackle the immediate NHS funding crisis.

2. Halt NHS privatisation and scrap the internal market, thereby saving over £5 billion currently wasted on these policies and enabling the UK to increase NHS spending to the level of other G7 countries. 

3. Crack down on tax dodging to recoup as much as possible of the estimated £100+ billion of unpaid tax. 

4. Renegotiate PFI deals, costing the NHS a total of over £70 billion and crippling foundation trusts and causing hospital closures.

5. End hospital, A&E and service closures unless there is support from  local people and clinicians and suitable alternatives are already in place.

6. End the freeze on NHS staff pay and ensure all staff and care workers receive at least the living wage.

7. Oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which threatens the NHS. 

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