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Our Political System is Broken – It Is Time to Fix It

Boris Johnson’s prorogation of parliament is an affront to our democracy, but it is not a coup. What he has done is perfectly legal and the fact that it is so, demonstrates now more than ever, just how fundamentally broken our political system really is. Our unwritten constitution formed by a patchwork of precedents, acts of parliament and legal judgments – a constitution which in comparison with those other European countries is nothing less than freakishly unorthodox - is in free fall.

The National Health Action Party believes that now more than ever progressives must put aside party differences and work together in order to avoid the disaster of a no-deal Brexit, and to give people a final say on whether leaving the European Union is really what they want. It is also time that those who wished to stop Brexit faced up to some facts.

The first of these is that the chance of success for a legislative route out of this mess is extremely slim. In fact, it is close to being non-existent. That means that a vote of no confidence is the best weapon MPs have to stop a no-deal Brexit. But that will also mean, and the NHAP have said this on more than one occasion, that it is time for the Liberal Democrats to stop their demand for Jeremy Corbyn to step aside so that a back-bench MP could become Prime Minister of an interim government. No one, and especially not the public, is fooled by this demand which is none other than brazen political point scoring at a time of crisis: it is putting party before country.

And the same applies to Change UK MPs. They are polling at 0% and know full well that they have no chance of being re-elected at the next election. If they refuse to back a vote of no confidence in the government, it will be for no other reason than to save their own jobs whilst they watch others lose theirs as a result of Boris Johnson’s kamikaze Brexit. The same applies to the so-called “Tory rebels”, rebels who have consistently failed to rebel. Those who have paid lip service to stopping a no-deal Brexit, but who refused to act when the time came, will be judged harshly by history.

The National Health Action Party stands ready to fight any general election, in which we will campaign to remain in the European Union and to save our NHS from being handed over to US corporations in a post-Brexit trade deal. We will stand to reform our broken political system and to put an end to austerity.