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Going Un- Heard

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NHA Party Statement on the Anti- Dissent Powers in the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 The government is pushing through Parliament a wide-ranging Bill which contains draconian proposed powers to manage protests and demonstrations. The Home Office factsheet refers to Extinction Rebellion protests, stating that the new Bill aims “specifically to deal with protests where people are not …

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How to vote tactically in marginal seats to minimise the risk of a Conservative victory in the 2019 General Election


by Harry Hayfield, NHAP Executive member South Western England: Devon East (Claire Wright, Independent), South Eastern England: Milton Keynes North (Charlynne Pullen, Labour), Wokingham (Phillip Lee, Liberal Democrat), Esher and Walton (Monica Harding, Liberal Democrat) Greater London: Chingford and Woodford Green (Faiza Shaheen, Labour), Finchley and Golders Green (Luciana Berger, Liberal Democrat), Harrow East (Pamela Fitzpatrick, Labour), Kensington (Emma Dent …

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2019 Campaign Statement


This election is a crucial one for the NHS. The NHA Party believes that the Conservative government is a clear and present danger to our health service, due both to their own policies and the problems that a hard Brexit will cause. We must do what we can to prevent a Conservative government gaining a majority. The result for each …

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The Prime Minister Should Resign: We Need a General Election Now


Boris Johnson is a liar and unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister. Of course, this is hardly news, the public have long known that Johnson is incapable of respecting precedent, the duties of office and now as this Supreme Court judgement makes clear, our very constitution. The Labour Party is right to refuse a general election until a …

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A Hostile Environment in the NHS


By Dr Helen Salisbury, NHA Spokesperson A temporary resident recently attended our practice after coughing up blood. The likely cause was pneumonia, but tuberculosis and malignancy were on the list of differential diagnoses. My colleague duly sent the patient for chest radiography, but the request was refused as the patient—a visitor to this country—did not have an NHS number. We …

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The NHAP Stands in Solidarity With Striking Workers at St. Mary’s Hospital London

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The National Health Action Party (NHAP) wishes to express its solidarity with the outsourced cleaners and porters of St. Mary’s Hospital London who will decide tomorrow on whether to take strike action against their employer Sodexo. Sodexo currently holds a facilities contract with Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust. In its 2018 Annual Report the French based multinational boasted of having …

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Austerity isn’t over, but its time the Tories were


In the midst of Brexit chaos and talk of a general election being immanent, it is vital that we do not lose sight of what Boris Johnson’s government of chaos is doing in other areas of policy. This is especially important when it comes to the National Health Service. Clearly, Johnson and Dominic Cummings have recognised that the public’s willingness …

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