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Enough is Enough: it is time to put an end to Brexit


By Dr Louise Irvine, Secretary to the National Health Action Party The last 48 hours have been a national humiliation. Yet – and this is the truly perverse part of it all – none of this has been a surprise. We all knew that the Prime Minister’s deal wasn’t going to get through parliament on a second attempt and we …

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The Dis-Integration of Cancer Care

Oxford Hospital

By Dr Helen Salisbury, Spokesperson for the National Health Action Party and GP. *This is a cross post originally featured in the British Medical Journal We are lucky enough in our city [Oxford] to have a world class cancer treatment centre. But word is out that the contract for doing combined positron emission tomography and computed tomography scans for the region …

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Mark Thomas – Check Up: Our NHS@70


Long time activist, staunch advocate of the NHS and award winning comedian Mark Thomas is touring the UK and making the case for what we need to do to save the NHS. The show, which is called 'Check UP: Our NHS@70', is based upon Mark's experience of spending a month in residency at the Imperial Group of Hospitals based in …

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The new private NHS app leads to cherry-picking and may not be safe


This is a cross post. This article was originally featured in Left Foot Forward Health Secretary Matt Hancock is currently promoting a privately-owned app which is undermining general practice within the NHS. The app, GP at Hand, boasts of allowing users to obtain same day, or next day, face-to-face appointments with GPs. It also claims users can have a video consultation with a GP within …

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The NHS Long Term Plan: Our View


Today the government will unveil its long-term plan for the future funding of the NHS. The 10-year plan will see a real-term increase in funding of 3.5% going toward frontline services. A third of the funding increase – which will amount to an annual budgetary increase of £20bn up to the year 2023 – will be dedicated to increased funds …

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