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Social care doesn’t need a sticking plaster – it needs to be funded properly

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock MP, has announced the government will be allocating an extra £240m into the adult social care system.

The government claims the extra funds will ease winter pressures and pay for one of the following:

  • more than 71,500 home care packages to help patients get out of hospital quicker
  • 86,500 reablement packages, which support workers to help patients carry out everyday tasks and regain mobility and confidence
  • nearly 27,000 home adaptations, including new facilities for personal care, such as adapting a shower room if a patient has limited movement

The announcement was timed to distract from a tumultuous Conservative Party conference which has seen the government racked by infighting over Brexit.

It was also followed by a speech from former from George Freeman MP – a former health minister – that the Conservatives would like to cut 500,000 NHS jobs by 2030 and have them replaced through automation.

Reacting to the news a National Health Action Party spokesperson stated:

“The adult social care system is on its knees because of Tory austerity. By 2025 there will be a £3.5bn shortfall in social care funding. The Conservatives need to stop resorting to using these short-term cash injection PR stunts.

They claim that this funding will ease winter pressures. But in reality, this is nothing more than a sticking plaster. The NHS isn’t just in crisis during winter, it is in crisis all year around under the Conservatives.

We will only have a social care system which works if it is brought back into public ownership and integrated with a properly funded NHS.

Instead of talking about how they would like to replace 500,000 jobs through automation when they can’t even work an app – the Conservatives need to face up to the fact that the British people want a National Health Service which is properly funded and social care which is properly funded – it’s high time they listened to the British people”


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