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McKinsey advises NHS has major growth potential – as a competitive business.

“Unleash the growth potential of education and health.UK health care could be a £200bn industry by 2030. We need to think about these sectors as international growth opportunities rather than public sector cost centres. NHS organisations need to be able to restructure and compete for private demand without restrictions, while additional private capital will be needed to support the growth of health care to meet domestic demand in the UK.”
McKinsey ‘Seven priorities for UK growth’ November 2010

McKinsey advises severe cuts – to public spending
“In February 2009 McKinsey was instructed by the Department to provide advice on how commissioners might achieve world class NHS productivity to inform the second year of the world class commissioning assurance system and future commissioner development. The advice from McKinsey, in the form of a set of slides, was provided in March 2009.”
Department of Health, May 2010
The advice formed the QIPP report, commissioned by Labour, used by the Coalition, QIPP is the basis of the ‘Nicholson Challenge’ which forced £20bn ‘efficiency savings’ on the NHS between 2010 – 2015. The advice has been described as ‘entirely without evidence’ by senior health policy analysts.