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Welcome to the latest Friday Surgery

Don’t believe the hype - you won’t be paying £5 for a GP appointment

Out of the many exciting stories we’ve seen doing the rounds in light of the BMA’s annual conference there’s been one which is causing serious worry.

Many local and regional media outlets appear to be reporting that GPs would like patients to pay £5, or at least make some form of payment, for an appointment to see a GP in order to cut down on missed appointments.

Leaving aside how such a scheme if adopted would fly in the face of the values which define the NHS, we can categorically state that this story is simply not true. Every year at the conference there are a handful of GPs who propose the idea of making co-payments mandatory and every year the motion is overwhelmingly rejected - this year was no different.

Brexit and the BMA

In our current political climate its almost mandatory for any newsletter or blog to make reference to the never-ending saga that is Brexit and this Friday Surgery is no different.

This year’s conference has seen a motion passed calling for a second referendum – also known as the Peoples Vote - once the government, or rather should we say if the government, secures a Brexit deal.

This now puts the BMA in the footsteps of the Royal College of Nursing and the Royal College of Midwives who have made similar announcements. And it looks as if we can only expect to see more of these in the future in light of the government’s shambolic performance.

We support striking staff at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust 

The NHA would like to put on record its support for the hard-working and striking facilities staff at Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Trust.

The Trust had recently made its intentions of creating a wholly owned subsidiary public, and despite a day of strike action and Trust staff making their views on the matter abundantly clear, it would appear that the Trust is determined to push ahead with creating a subsidiary.

We have already made our views on this issue crystal clear – subsidiaries are a threat to the NHS as they open the door to possible further privatisation, undermine the working conditions of NHS staff and lead to the creation of a two-tier workforce which can have adverse consequences for quality of patient care.

We stand in support of the strike action of staff at the Trust and Unite and Unison in calling for the action.

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