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The Prime Minister Should Resign: We Need a General Election Now

Boris Johnson is a liar and unfit to hold the office of Prime Minister. Of course, this is hardly news, the public have long known that Johnson is incapable of respecting precedent, the duties of office and now as this Supreme Court judgement makes clear, our very constitution.

The Labour Party is right to refuse a general election until a no-deal Brexit has been taken off the table; Boris Johnson's word simply cannot be relied upon to ensure that this country does not go hurtling off an economic and regulatory cliff edge on the 31st of October.

But once, and if, Johnson and his cronies ask for - and are granted - an extension to Article 50, we must prepare for a general election.

Only a general election can break this impasse, and it will be one that the Conservative Party and Brexit Party will attempt to make wholly about Brexit - yet as important as Brexit is, there are also other and more pressing concerns for swathes of people across the country.

We can no longer afford to allow Brexit to command all of our attention. The question of whether we do or don't leave needs to be settled once and for all. And that can be done if Progressive Parties work together; by working together in a Progressive Alliance we can ensure that the Tories and the extremists in the Brexit Party cannot form a kamikaze right-wing government that would take this country out of the EU without a deal. A government which would seek to further erode our already crumbling public services and workers' rights in the process.

The quicker this morally corrupt Prime Minister adheres to the rule of law and asks the EU for an extension to Article 50, as he is legally obliged to, the quicker this country can come back together in order to settle the Brexit question once and for all.

If Johnson had any shred of respect for the institutions of our democracy, his request for an extension would swiftly be followed by his resignation.